Monday, November 10, 2008

pee like Seabiscuit

well well well
today was anti-eventful
heres pretty much how it went down..

woke up at whatever time i did
got dressed & all that, stumbled down the stairs, had a coffee, then went off to my design tech tech: the subject at school in which the sole focus is designing/creating clothes & business/field research. the image above is part of the research i undertook for my own design tech folio. (i made the dress Sherri is wearing & i took the photo. needless to say, im pretty proud of myself :] hah)

i was worried. i had only gotten a couple of hours of sleep & hadnt studied at allll. well..i studied a bit, but i figured what i studied would be nothing in comparison to what other people did
but as it turned out, i studied adequately. the exam went fairly decently (even if the examiner guy was a massive douchebag)

after the exam, i hung out with sherri & androo. oh wait. Andrew. haha anywhoo, it was nice, just talking about silly things and just relaxing for a little bit.

we all went our seperate ways & my path led me home. i watched Juno with my mum & mygoodness, i think its safe to say that it's made it high into my list of favourite movies already.
i started crying a couple of times throughout it. once or twice from laughter & the other times because...general emotion? hah

is it weird saying this movie almost made me want to be pregnant? yeah. i'm 18. its weird.
i thought about it for a while & realized, as much as i try to deny it, i do eventually want to have a kid. im not sure why i even deny it sometimes. i guess it might have to do with peoples expectations, like, everyone expects the wog girl to just produce babies & be some sort of homemaker. i mean, sure, if i ended up finding a guy that i loved, that made millions, sure, id totally do that whole wog girl stereotype, but realisticly, thats not gunna happen, so i wanna focus on my dreams, like opening my store. ohman. one day im gunna have to write a blog about that itself. might take a couple of days to write.. haha

anyway! Juno! it got me thinking..not only about pregnancy, but also about..

Michael Cera

Michael Cera. ohboy. he's adorable, just in general. but putting my drooling aside, i wonder, where the hell are all the Paulie Bleeker's? okay sure, no girl wants to sleep with a guy then not talk to him much at all during her pregnancy even when she really likes him, but damn. Bleeker is adorable. i just dont understand; when did the innocence of youth die?

well, its getting late & i have another exam tomorrow
ugh. vis comm. it's gunna be torture.
i'll report back with how the day turned out
hopefully it turns out well...


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