Wednesday, November 12, 2008

high school graduate

13 years. thir. teeeeennnn.
my goodness
almost a decade and a half of solid routine. school - home - school - home
ive finished my last exam and never have to attend school ever again.
it feels so liberating, but now i feel so...pointless. like, theres no purpose for me.
its such an awkward feeling
i was home alone for a few hours after i finished my studio art exam this morning (which went freaking swimmingly by the way :D haha) & i just felt so lost. it was weird.
i had so much of nothing to do

so in pursuit of boredom resistance, i went blog reading
and Sherri's blog gave me an idea
write up a list of things i wanna do
so then, i'll have some sort of general direction with what to do with myself until i find out wether im going to go to uni or start work or what.

but before i write up a list, i just needa say
i totally got a letter from this hairdressing college, for an interview!
:D im so excited! and i wanna watch tacky 80's dancing movies now...

the list

-learn to bake well. (start off with cupcakes & simple things & work my way up to things so sweet they could kill a diabetic.)
-read the last Gossip Girl book.
-read to kill a mockingbird. fully. without any distractions.
-people watch in the city for at least 4 hours non stop.
-go into Miss Louise dressed up real nice & classy looking, try on every single shoe in the store & then walk out saying i dont think they have anything worth spending my money on. (ha! suck on that, you bastards!)
-eat cereal in the park again
-watch the sky for an entire day
-fall asleep under the stars
-research things for my business
-start my art project on the 1st of January. or else the whole thing is screwed up.
-start a quirky socio-art project with Sherri (she knows the one im talking about)
-watch all of audrey hepburn's movies in a week
-wear a little black dress and tiara, then go to tiffanys in the morning with a coffee & bagel
-wear a little black dress and tiara, then go to the mcdonalds playground and just sit there while little kids run around screaming
-have a picnic!
-throw a costume party
-dress up as a cute panda
-recieve flowers...even if they are from myself.. haha
-GET OUT OF THE STATE! haha lol@how ive never been out of Victoria before.. :/
-wear a backstreet boys top to a metal gig
-wear suspenders
-dress up like a harajuku girl
-sew a sucessful dress
-watch the whole series of sex and the city while drinking cosmopolitans with the girls
-take up photography again

thats all i can think of that i want to achieve in the next few months
when i think of some more, i'll write em up too


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