Saturday, November 8, 2008

I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

i cant sleep
im sitting in bed, on ebay obsessively trying to find marc jacobs things
i went to Highpoint the other day with mum & we walked past the watches in myer
i saw the marc jacobs watches for the first time in a long time & it made me gasp
i realized why i love this particular necklace/watch:

heart pendant watch
by Marc Jacobs, $125 USD

i realized i love it because it reminds me of the wizard of oz!
it looks like the cuter, more modest version of the Tin Mans heart

damn google for not having a close up sceenshot of the actual heart
but, you get the idea

i haven't watched the wizard of oz in forever. i wanna take it out & watch it right now, but its almost 1am & ive gotta be up early :/
maybe i should have another one of these..

latte. 3 sugars. yesplease.

back to what i was saying. the wizard of oz.
i know i'll never be able to get those wonderful ruby slippers
my dear Peter Alexander. he's quite the genius
he created these marvelous slippers, so every girl could feel like Dorothy

ruby slippers
by Peter Alexander, $45 AUD

me being the hobo i am, couldnt buy them while hey were in stock/season or whatever
if you come accross a pair of them, in say, a size 9 perhaps, you just let me know ;]

g'night kidss


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