Tuesday, March 3, 2009

well, if the shoe fits...

an accumulation of shoe stories.
here we go.
haha ohboy its been forever & i still haven't posted a picture
well, here we go now

ohmy. awkward wide feet & flipflop tan lines.

i dont ever wear them, they just sit in the corner of my room and make me smile whenever i look at them
i dont want to ruin them through wear, so i'll just keep them where they are
it sucked though because when i bought them, they didnt come in the cute wizard of oz box & hey dont have the "tap your heels 3 times.." on the insole
ahwell. i still have my ruby slipperrrrss!! hehe

my chanel cambon ballet flats!!
okay. theyre fake. i cannot aff
ord real anything nowadays, but still, i finally have some after all these years!theyre not the best fake ever, but theyre good enough for me! and a nifty 80$ to
if the shop hadn't shit down, id have gotten the white ones too

my signed by Less Than Jake converse!!
oh. my freakin god. i'll write about this in my next blog, after i post this, but
roger manganelli tongued me! :p
haha punpunpun
i dont think i'll ever stop using that line

the rest of the band signed the shoe as well, but the tongue's most important to me right now
*giggles like a little schoolgirl
i'll elaborate about less than jake in the next post, but for now, im going to go and apply for some more jobs & all