Friday, November 7, 2008

baby its cold outside

i sit here sipping my latte listening to Dean Martin & Martina McBride as the wind howls & rain pours outside.
its all the elements of perfection
im missing the aesthetics; im not in a spectacularly furnished room with mood lighting & a warm fireplace. im in the tv room watching the credits of breakfast at tiffanys end while on mute.
hardly as romantic as anything thats been going on around me

lately ive been contemplating the subject of romance.
i question its existance every day
when i listen to the rat pack and any other crooners that sung about how they would take care of a girl & wine her & dine her and all that, they just sounded so sincere
nowadays it seems as though all sincerity has been lost
you cant tell wether someone really cares about you and wants to see you happy, or if they're just saying all these things & putting on this show just because they have some sort of hidden agenda.
i guess romance has become strongly interwined with trust now. nobody can trust anybody with their emotions anymore, leaving romance to be completely disabled.
any romantic act seems to be caused by an immoral act
buying flowers = 'i'm cheating on you and can feel the guilt rising'
buying jewelery = "ive been cheating on you for quite some time now and if i dont buy you some love, you'l get suspicious quicker.."
the irony makes me laugh
its such a contradiction.
i know this isnt the case for ALL guys that buy their girlfriends gifts randomly, but it sure as hell seems to be the case for most of you..
as much as i hate to generalize, i just had to air it.

i hate this.
when i get into somewhat of a 'philosophical mood' i end up loosing my train of thought completely & end up just sounding like some pretentious douche.
ohwell. i guess thats just how i dooo

oh and while on the topic of pretentious douches, ive just been reading through some peoples blogger accounts & noticed that everyone sounds smarter 'on paper'. it seems as though so many people can type about things so well, but if they were to talk about the same things in real life, they wouldn't use these 'smart' words & carefully crafted sentences.
i mean, sure, their fake fancy techniques have mass appeal, but they dont reflect who the writer really is.
at least from the way i write, you know that i'm someone who starts off with a semi decent idea, then it gradually disintegrates..

last thing before i leave
speaking of disintergrating
im currently making a little bit of a christmas wish list
and will be not-so-subtly hinting at what i'd like this year haha

"gimmie some sugar that wont disintergrate"
by Fancy, $75 USD

ive wanted that cuff for about 2 years now, so im not sure if they even sell it anymore..

best be off before i start putting up my wholeeee wish list


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