Saturday, July 5, 2008


well well, whats a first post to say?
welcome to my blog i guess
i've got no idea how to work this thing, so hopefully i wont type an epic blog to find that i dont know how to save it or something
i pretty much just made this blog because i like to ramble about things & document them, but i hate keeping a diary, so its prolly the best thing for my condition.

its the mid year holidays; my last ever mid year
holidays, and im wasting them away.
i need to have done piles and piles of homework, but i havent. im sure i'll get it all done by next weekend, but my procrastination skills might want to get a workout. fingers crossed i get things done

speaking of getting things done, my hair really has to be. i need to re dye it blue. its costing far too much money maintaining blue hair, its ridiculous. but i love it so much! ugh

i made cupcakes yesterday
it was a first. i dont know whats happening; me being all
domestic all of a sudden
its almost scary

but this is how it went down:

empty..PING! done!

they almost overflowed to become a massive cake, but my hidden cooking skillz came out and saved the day
those 5 cupcakes in the plate were my favourites
i dont want to eat them because theyre so dang cute haha

actually, i think i might go get one now...