Monday, January 26, 2009

wait.wait. late.

well well. im back. late, again.
i come bearing good news this time

to cut long stories short, things are good with my boyfriend again, ive made some wonderful purchases, ive realized many wonderful things and have encountered numerous epiphanies..most recent of which being my family epiphany
today, i was sitting at the computer just thinking about the people in my family
all the shit people, the good people, the people that were good people but turned into shit people & all thats in between.
i firstly realized that the people that are not my parents & sister & grandparents, they dont matter. thier lives are not intertwined with mine. their lives and actions do not influence mine greatly, if not at all.
the only people that can remotely influence my stubborn mind are the people i see every day. and nothing will ever change that
and in a way, that really scares me.
it also brings me to my next epiphany
you are an abolute reflection of your family.
now, that can go 2 ways; you can be a direct reflection of your family, meaning that you are exactly what they are. OR you can be a mirror image of them, and be the direct opposite of what they are.
i tried figuring out little examples to see wether my new little idea was correct
and surely, it was
try it out. think of someone you know & then think of their parents & compare them. they; always be the same or opposite to their families. theres no in between

on a lighter note
i need to sneeze
but i cant
so my face feels weird now

tomorrow is australia day
i dont get the hype
but then again, im not remotely patriotic
okay. australia's cool & everything, but why are you forcing me to have a barbeque?
buy your own damned meat! cant you see we're in an economic crisis here, people?!

speaking of which
i need a job
no. wait. let me rephrase that
im in dire need of a job. and i place such strong emphasis on the word 'dire' that not even adding italics to it can express what im saying

i had a coffee about an hour ago
bad idea considering its 2.30am right now
im completely buzzing, but im crazy tired at the same time
its not good at all
but i think im going to have to force myself to sleep considering tomorrow's going to be a busy day
i'll try and report back with the events of tomorrow
goodnight blog world.


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